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Hello I’m Suzanne, 


After I first became a mother 30 years ago and three children later, I started my training to become a midwife.  I have been qualified since 2011 and I feel very privileged to provide support for the families that I meet. I have always been passionate about empowering women and as a specialist parent education midwife this is facilitated in the classes that I provide.


Being a midwife led me to using Vitali-Chi in a personal capacity as I like the holistic approach to my own wellbeing and now I am a  Vitali-Chi Practitioner.

So bringing the two elements of my passions  together I provide support using both my midwifery knowledge and Vitali-Chi.


Pregnancy journeys can be complex, so I can provide you with support within all areas including:- conception, antenatal, birth of your baby,  postnatal and birth trauma.


Whether you are the mother, father or birth partner, having a child is a life changing experience and I specialize in helping families start their new lives together.   

I am here to help you plan and make choices around your pregnancy 



Antenatal Classes 

I would love to help as you go through this most intimate of experiences, I am able to provide this by a variety of antenatal classes:

Vitali-Chi Pregnancy Relaxation Classes

Vitali-Chi Support for Toxophobia . Birth Trauma . Pre-Conception . Fertility . Pregnancy Symptoms

Hypnobirthing . Antenatal Workshops

Click on the images below to find out more about my classes.  


Vitali- Chi Pregnancy Relaxation Classes and

Individualised Vitali-Chi Boost Sessions






birth trauma

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Optimal Fetal Positioning


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