I just want to say thank you once again, Your knowledge, experience and expertise made my birth such a beautiful experience. 6/12/2019

Thank you so much taking the time to reply to me Sue.  I really appreciate it, although I was on my way to the hospital again and had left my phone.  I had a beautiful baby girl within a hour and a half of arriving.. Natural water birth, no pain meds or interventions...just how I wanted it  6/12/2019

We had the most amazing labour and birth experience ..thank you Suzie for sharing all your knowledge with us xx 21/10/2019

Suzie, I was so pleased to have managed to fully hypnobirth as not planning any further children so it was my final chance. Hypnobirthing is amazing ...14/10/2019

We met Suzanne when I was pregnant with my 1st child.  It was a much longed for pregnancy having needed IVF to conceive.  It was so reassuring to meet someone who was competent and upto date whilst also providing holistic approach we were seaking.  We fortunately went on to have 2 more children in quick succession and we were so grateful to have Suzanne by our sides again... Thank you Suzanne.11/2019

Absolutely helpful stunning classes...helped my and my partner understand how we can face labour day and what we can expect.  How to stay strong and relaxed in this incredible day of our life.  Big thanks for help.. We would truly recommend these classes for every couple who doesn't know what to expect during labour and the relaxation techniques really helped me especially the controlled breathing during the surgee + light massage 02/02/2020

I attended the VitaliChi pregnancy class tonight and I must say it was fantastic experience.  It was nice to just take the time to relaxand unwind.  Being on a Friday evening is a lovely way to end the week.  The only downside is you have to leave when all you want to do is sleep ...28/02/2020